Orlando Trophy Bass Fishing Minutes From Disney World

Orlando Bass Fishing GuideIf you want to experience the excitement of trophy bass fishing there are very few places that can offer what the Orlando area has. There are numerous lakes in the area to choose from for your bass fishing trip but we have chosen to focus only on the very best and most famous to provide clients the best opportunity to experience catching a big Florida bass.

Fishing in Orlando can be a once in a lifetime experience for some clients and we know choosing the right lake for your trip is an important one. All of the information in this page is designed to help clients get as much information about where you might spend your day and my knowledge of each lake. Whether you are looking for a bass fishing trip using live bait or artificial lures I have the experience to help you have a successful day.

An Orlando bass fishing trip can be a once in a lifetime experience for some clients so spending it on a Lake that is famous for trophy bass fishing should be an important factor.

No Fish No Pay Guarantee On All Orlando Bass Fishing Trips

Every Trip Comes with a No Fish, No Pay Guarantee that is in writing to back up just how strong my commitment is towards each and every client having a successful Orlando Bass Fishing trip.

Orlando Bass FishingMany different guide websites, many different guides. How do you choose? As the owner of The Orlando Bass Guide Service my integrity is too valuable to use anything other than actual results to get your business. For this reason clients will not find any claims that can not be verified or highlighted selling points that have nothing to do with catching bass on this site.

What you can find is a working resume of my experience as an Orlando Bass Fishing Guide as well as a Portfolio of big bass that were all caught using artificial lures, not live bait and not a clients fish. It is this history of success that allows me to offer a No Fish No Pay Guarantee. And not just an empty guarantee but one that is in writing so that clients know what to expect. Hopefully, after browsing my site you will find what you need to be confident that I am the guide capable of providing you with a successful trip.

Clients can look forward to a great experience spent with a Full Time Professional bass fishing guide that has the integrity and commitment towards his clients best interest. Any guide can call a friend to find out where the fish are. You want to hire the guide who doesn't need to!

Catch And Release Only

To do our part, Florida Bass Adventures practices Catch and Release on all guide trips. We do trophy bass fishing trips only and follow B.A.S.S. Founder Ray Scotts philosophy on harvesting bass.

The bass we catch are not harvesting bass and therefore are released to maintain the trophy resources we have for future generations to enjoy.

Fishing In Orlando

The Orlando area is famous for trophy bass fishing with lakes such as Lake Toho, St Johns River and the Harris Chain of Lakes all considered highly desirable fishing destinations.

We specialize in bass fishing on the Orlando area lakes using artificial lures as well as live wild shiners to pursue trophy bass.

Lake Toho

The closest trophy bass fishing lake to the area theme parks, Lake Toho is a favorite among vacationers looking for the opportunity to catch big Florida bass. The Headwaters for the Kissimmee River which leads South to Lake Okeechobee, Lake Toho is abundant with natural Florida vegetation as well as Hydrilla which helps provide cover for big bass. A majority of Lake Toho is still owned by cattle ranchers so there are very few homes on the lake allowing anglers to see Florida in it's natural setting.

St Johns River

Located just North of Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, The St Johns River is one of Florida's most famous and relatively untouched bodies of water. If you are ready to experience the thrill and excitement of Florida Big Bass Fishing, this is an amazing place to spend a day. Whether clients want to pursue trophy bass using live bait or artificial lures, the St Johns River is worth the drive North for ultimate destination to catch the fish of a lifetime.

Harris Chain

Located about 30 minutes northwest of Orlando The Harris Chain covers approximately 50,000 acres of water and together make up the second largest lake in the State of Florida. The Harris Chain is part of the Ocklawaha River basin, a main tributary of the St. John's River which drains North and exits into the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville. A number of small cities and numerous waterfront homes surround the lake making lakefront activities, fishing and boating a favorite activity with locals and visitors alike.