Orlando Bass Guide Trophy Bass Fishing Report

Florida Bass Adventures Orlando Bass Fishing Guide Service forecasts are for West Lake Toho, the Kissimmee Chain and the St. Johns River which are all located just a short drive from the theme parks. These are trophy bass fisheries that offers clients the best opportunity to catch big Florida Bass while on their vacation.

A majority of clients are booking weeks or even months out so a fishing forecast can be much more useful than what I'm currently catching for those clients. For anyone needing a current idea of what I am catching feel free to view the Twitter link below.

Every trip that I do starts with the same goal - catch my clients a trophy bass and hopefully more than one. For prospective clients wondering which guide to spend their day with, this page can really come in handy because it is all about what we have done lately.

Here you can find our latest photo fishing report that is more of what clients are looking for, actual proof of what I can provide as a guide during your trip. I have also provided an additional source of on the water reporting via my twitter feed which is updated daily while out on the water.

Orlando Big Bass 2018

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Orlando Bass Fishing Summer Forecast April-September

If your first thought of bass fishing during this time of year is that it is too hot to go fishing then you are missing out on the great fishing we have during this time of year. Sure, it's hot but only for those of us above the water! Our big fish don't leave and they don't stop biting. During the Summer months everthing is possible from great artificial fishing to live bait fishing. Most trips are 4 or 6 hours starting in the morning but this is when the evening bite really starts to pick up. This summer has been great with clients catching 25 bass per day using live bait and up to 15 bass per day using artificial lures. Even though we are still in summer the morning temperatures have been very comfortable and almost on the nippy side.

Fall Bass Fishing in Orlando October-December

The fall months for us here in Orlando is where Florida Bass Adventures clients get to see the action really turn on with fish transitioning from their Summer pattern to a Fall pattern. What changes? Overall not much but just what big bass need. The weather gets cooler as cold fronts start to make their way down thus bringing the water temperatures down. Bass that were working hard to maintain their body mass now find it easier to eat and increase their weight. So, the fish that we were catching in the summer that were 6 to 7 pounds will now be 8 to 9 pounds feeding aggressively for longer periods of the day.

Numbers and size - While we do catch numbers of fish this time of year it is also when we start focusing on just catching big bass that are 5lbs and up. Size is always the goal but this time of year our bass eating more and maintaining their body weight consistently. Average size for this time of year would be 4 lbs on live bait and 2 lbs using artificials. Big bass per day would be one at least over 7lbs just about each day. Cold fronts begin making their way down but actually help the fishing in the Fall months.

Weather - As a client you really can't beat this time of year with excellent weather, aggressive bass looking to get big with live bait and artificial lures working equally well.

Winter Bass Fishing in Orlando December-April

While many in Florida believe the spawn only happens in January and February I am here to tell you that I have seen bass spawning as early as November and as late as July. For the most part though December through June is the length of our spawning season but can be cut short by warmer than normal winters. During this time of year our bass can be extremely aggressive as they move from pre spawn stages to full blown spawning. It is this time of year that Florida became famous for using live bait because the shiners we use are the primary food choice for big bass looking to get ready for the spawn. Our live bait will range from 5 inches to as much as 12 inches which can be rather entertaining to watch when a bass is exploding on a bait this size.

Numbers and - While we do catch numbers of fish this time of year it can fluctuate from year to year. My high number during this time frame is 80 bass which happened the first week of January. Overall I would say the average is 25 bass per trip. Size is always the goal but this time of year our bass carry more weight therefore will be larger than other times of year. Average size for this time of year would be 5 lbs on live bait and 4 lbs using artificials. Big bass per day would be one at least over 7lbs just about each day. Cold fronts can affect this result depending on the severity.

Weather - As with most everyone this time of year cold fronts are a constant with the weather changing daily. In Florida you can expect anything from 26 degrees during our worst winter to highs of 75 degrees. Every year is a little different so it is best to come prepared. Unfortunately, catching big bass does not make you feel any warmer so appropriate attire makes the day much more enjoyable.